[2/2] That wonderful world of Otome [Somethings]

The Shinsengumi theme of the Otome CDs carried over to another medium (with the help of a certain anime series and its OVAs).

Now, since I ended the previous post with Isami “DILF” Kondou, I believe it’s just fitting that I start this one with him, too —

All man, baby. All Man.

I was therefore introduced to the emotional equivalent of seppuku, which is Hakuōki, and through that, other games just like it.

I used to say that I DON’T watch this show for the story.
I watch it for Shinpachi’s cleavage and Sanosuke’s hair.
But then I finished the series. Then I cried buckets.

And so I say, “Hello Otome Games! Allow me to fondly call you by your porte-manteau of Otoge~” Worry not, I might be spamming Hakuōkiimages here, but this is by no ways a review. Bear with me for a bit as I just ramble about my current experience (and what has been occupying me in terms of “me time” aside from music and drawing).

As if I need a reason to sit on my butt or stay up later than I should.
… hello, Heisuke.

Let me start off by saying that I haven’t played Hakuōki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom, but I am looking forward to it when Hakuōki: Stories of the Shinsengumi (which includes the original storyline, a chibi side-story, and Sweet School Life) comes out for the PS3. However, I came acrossMatt’s LP. Sure, it’s one way of spoiling yourself with regards to endings, but with the game’s 14 possible endings, Matt having played through the anime ending and Okita’s “good” ending, and his wife, Rapunzel, played through Heisuke’s good ending doesn’t bother me. They were both funny, anyway.

Much as I loved the anime, loved the LPs, and love the fandom, I’m not too keen on buying a console — in this case, a PS Vita — for the sake of playing just one game (though I was thisclose to considering it… until the need to buy a new notebook came along ”’orz). So while waiting for it, I was introduced to games accessible to my current, ah, console: my Android phone.

Thank you, Voltage Inc.

My Forged Wedding

So far, I have sampled the game above, and even purchased one of the routes for $3.99 (around Php 155). With that kind of premise (like, comeon, look at the title), I wasn’t expecting Newberry Prize-winning writing, but it was enough to keep me hooked, and have me playing for three hours straight. Not bad for something cheaper than a Venti Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks! On top of keeping me awake, I indulged in cute, funny, and fuzzy feelings!

(Click on the image for a bigger version)
Takao here is supposed to be a lawyer, but he excels at being cute,
being hot in a suit, and having “big hands”.

Some titles aren’t so lighthearted. These are two where the prologues are enjoyable and intriguing.

In Your Arms Tonight: cheating husband, lovers, angry parents,
supportive friends, the choice between two endings.
The successful formula for an afternoon soap.

Kiss of Revenge: mom dies in surgery, heroine grows up bitter,
heroine becomes successful doctor to seek revenge and gets caught up
in a “convenient” romantic relationship. This is your evening drama.

It’s interesting to note that games are developed with a certain age group in mind. My Forged Wedding targets fresh college graduates. The above two are working and established women, aging 30 and 31 years old, respectively (ahem), and has darker and more mature tones.

Voltage Inc. doesn’t seem to run out of cliché themes to work with, but for a little something that would provide an escape and easy entertainment, they do their job well enough. My only complain is that the main character is usually either the Strong Silent Type (Kiss of Revenge, and in passing, Hakuōki), or the Arrogant But Well Meaning Jackass (… all the other titles I’ve mentioned here), the latter of which I find quite aggravating and want to push into the elevator shaft. Thankfully, other characters are available that might just fit with your personal tastes and cater to your curiosity.

That said, there’s stop me from sampling whatever other Otome Games are out there and indulge in a route or two; and probably (probably!) I might just write reviews about them.

It’s another outlet, another distraction that I can poke into. It’s a break from playing RPGs and First Person Action games, or my other usual fare. I do like my cute boys and I do need my dose of cheese, and I’m glad to be able to access these games for a cheap price, and in a language I can understand.

For now, I’ll just leave you guys and disappear momentarily into my latest acquisition.

Our Two-Bedroom Story: … how do I even begin to explain this X3;;

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