[Otoge] First Impressions – #1

I was about to launch myself into a full review of the game and routes I have so far sampled, but I thought that since each of them have recurring points, I thought to make a go-to post with regards to the games’ basic information, and toss in my first impressions as far as the prologue (and sample chapters for some) is (/are) concerned.

I’d like to note that I’m writing these with information off the top of my head (which I think is ideal for a “first impressions” post). I will get into further detail with the characters and such once I get around to playing them and writing proper game/route reviews.

I think it’s also fair to mention here that these games only offer the prologue and the first chapter (for some) of the main story for each route for free. Should you wish to proceed, in-app purchases must be made. Each main route and sequel (usually 12+ chapters and two endings) costs ¥350, while the shorter epilogues and side-stories (6 chapters, 1 ending) cost ¥250. I’m happy enough with the prices as they have the same cost as a drink from my favorite café or tea salon. I joked over Plurk that at least, an otoge route would keep me awake and entertained for three hours, unlike coffee that I can finish in 20 minutes!

Also, I would like to thank [personal profile] akayashi for introducing me to these games, and now she has gained another person to fangirl with.

And so without further ado! Here be Part 1 of Otoge First Impressions, featuring My Forged Wedding and Kiss of Revenge!


My Forged Wedding


This is assuming that girls want to enter into fake relationships right out of college.
… and that we don’t know that we want (to try) something until Voltage Inc. suggests it.
Damn you, Voltage. Damn you.

▶ Intro video
▶ GooglePlay


You are a fresh university graduate struggling to find a job. Your parents send you to Tokyo to your “uncle” so as he can help you find one. It seems however, that this aid doesn’t come for free: in return for helping you find employment, you must do him a favor by choosing to help one of his friends — just one.


… but why just one?

Uncle Kunihiko introduces you to no less than five eligible bachelors (what a coincidence!), all equally attractive, and all filling in certain tropes. The introductions get a little fishy — it’s like, Kunihiko-ossan’s asking to choose a date, or heck, a husband. But who cares if they’re cute, and if simply helping them helps you land a great job, right?

Good thing the Main Character (MC) doesn’t take much bull — as far as the fantastical setting allows, that is. You poke and prod at uncle, making sure that you don’t find yourself in some shady business. At least, you can trust the man not to do anything to hurt you.

So before you change your mind and run back home to your parents and work at a convenience store for the rest of your life, you choose your man, and you find out as to why he needs your help.


The prologue keeps the suspense as to why you can only help one guy, until you sample each route and the meaning behind the title gains meaning: for whatever compelling and silly reason, you will have to pretend to be engaged and/or married to one of the guys.

… uncle. Uncle. Do you need my help too.
This is a little disturbing. Why.

Yamato: The game’s Main Guy. Uncle says that he’s a caring high school teacher. I say that he’s a tsundere, condescending asshole. I personally don’t like him, and I think I’ll save him for last… or if I remember that I still have the game installed in my phone. I actually forgot as to why he needed someone to pose as his wife — probably to dissuade the precocious high school girls who give him much woe.

Saeki: A screenwriter, Uncle says that he’ll protect me. I say that he’s a creep and a perv, and I feel sorry for the MC. Then again, I suppose we can have fun flirting and perving over each other, right? Obviously, this means that he’s in my Top 3 choices for route purchase. Besides, he rocks the casual button-up shirt look, and his hair looks fluffy.

RenThe Strong Silent Type the quiet researcher who says nothing more than what is necessary. Prone to monosyllabic responses and saying that he’s sleepy. I’m biased towards geeky types, and his facial expressions aside from the default lineface were funny, so Ren was one of my first considerations in route purchase.

Takao: all that glitters isn’t gold, but I was just won over by his resemblance to Makoto Tachibana. And that he’s a lawyer. That he’s a Libra. That he’s a dork. That he likes the same drink as MC. That he’s in a fine suit. No wonder I ended up purchasing his route first in the game.

Yuta: my first thought upon seeing this guy was that he has Hiling Care‘s hair — but at the least, he isn’t as murderous. Yuta is a late night stand up comedian with cute ears. I’m quite averse to the “shota”-looking guys so he wasn’t high on my priority list. Otherwise, the promise of him having a cute sense of humor has me looking forward to the time I will uncover more of his character.

Kunihiko: … really, Uncle? Uncle, really?? This really got me scratching my head, though I suppose it’s to be expected. There has to be the DILF older man option, right? Kunihiko is the owner of a renowned IT company, and he keeps a sports bar as a “hobby”. It’s through his wide connections that he will help you land a good job — only if you return his favor. I roll my eyes at him, but his switching from bar bum to a gentlemanly executive in a sharp suit somehow draws me to learn more about his dual life.

Probably because of the game’s ensuing popularity, two more characters have been added, both already having their full main routes, epilogues and sequels available for purchase. I was happy to find them already available by the time I sampled the game.

These guys look familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it… HMMMMM B|a

Kyoichi (left): … you mean Eriol Sr, right? Ahaw haw haw~ I slay me. Anyhow, Kyoichi here is another linefacing dude with a ‘tude. A stickler for linguistics and a genius at foreign languages, he works for the department of foreign affairs. Sounds like someone right up my alley, but he has the personality of a brick (hey, first impressions, okay?) I suppose I’ll take a brick over a tsundere asshole. Besides: megane.

Haruka (right): I thought I’ve seen that face somewhere. Haruka’s a ~florist~, and another dude who has to rely on “first impressions don’t last”. He looks gentle, soft-spoken, well-read, graceful and polite, but he has a misbehaving streak in him — which I expect the MC will enjoy uncovering as she progresses in his route. Count me intrigued.
And thus, in that fantastical world where love can still bloom on a bed of lies, your fake — forged — married life begins.


Improbable and fantastical as the premise and setting may be, I think it’s a lighthearted ground for, what else, whimsical fantasy and light entertainment. It plays out like a light romantic comedy, and one that you can easily enjoy if rom-coms are your thing. The character designs are decent, even if the artwork can be a little iffy at certain angles (because I haven’t seen torsos that long in forever). My Forged Wedding promises giddy thrills and head-shaking-while-laughing moments.

While I was thinking that a game seemingly geared towards early twenty-somethings, I stumbled upon something more geared towards my age group.


Kiss of Revenge


The otoge version of E.R. and … God of War, idek.

▶ Intro video
▶ GooglePlay


Your mother died during the process of a botched surgery, and the hospital covered up the issue as an “accident”, while you felt that she was murdered. Vowing revenge, you have worked for years to become a renowned doctor, so as you can return to that hospital and exact revenge on the doctor who murdered your mother. Woe be those unfortunate enough to get in your way.


Things seem to be going swimmingly for you: you have changed your name, so no one can immediately trace and connect you to the surgery incident that killed your mother; the Director, your target, likes you right off the bat: you have an excellent track record, you are dedicated. Thing is, he is an elusive man, and it would take more than just being a damn good doctor and knocking at the door of his office for you to get your revenge. Out of the many kind and competent colleagues you meet, four stand out as ones who might help make the road easier for you. It somehow helps that they seem to hold a certain level of interest in you. After a welcome party, you hail a cab to go home, but someone stops you.

Who is it?


Out of the games I have sampled, this so far features the smallest cast. It makes up by beefing up the Main Stories with a mid-story branch-off with their own endings.

(click for a bigger image)
Can’t I just work with ALL of them so as I can look like an almighty scheming mastermind?
Like in raffles: the more entries I send, the more chances of winning!
… no?

Issei: The game’s Main Guy. Issei Sezaki is the son of the hospital’s director, and he is obviously the Number One choice to romance so as to get closer to his father. That makes sense, right? Now, if only he wasn’t so caught up in his work of ~saving lives~, he could (unwittingly?) help you end a particular life, right? I suppose his being quiet and distant could would assure your secrecy… that is if you get to talk to each other in the first place.

Soichiro: Surprisingly, and seemingly, the more ideal candidate to get closer to the director! He is actually the hospital’s deputy director and considered more of the actual director, than the director himself (who’s just director in name! So many directors in those last two sentences!) He’s mild-mannered, well-spoken, knowledgeable but so damn hard to read. It’s hard to gauge what he’s thinking. He’s also scarily perceptive and persuasive. A most dangerous man. I purchased his route first in this game because megane.

Kyousuke: this Lockon Stratos look-alike behaves just like Lockon Stratos minus the angst, and the sharpshooting skills replaced by skills with a scalpel and stethoscope. Out of the three doctors, he shows the most interest in you. He and Issei go back a long way, so he could be a key to… getting closer to… the director, albeit in a roundabout way! Your saving grace is that he also knows a whole lot more about the hospital than he lets on, thanks to his many friends and connections.

Junpei: the token childhood friend High School Sweetheart. You see red in seeing Junpei again, as he might blow your cover (who also looks like Makoto Tachibana and rocks a fine suit). He isn’t dumb though, and he keeps things between you two. He looks the most to be able to dissuade you from your path of revenge, though you have vowed to see your goal through — but he can also help you. Junpei might not be hospital staff, but he’s a medical representative who has a five-year history with the hospital, and he knows his way around. You can also trust him to keep your secret safe.


This was so far the most intriguing otoge for me. I confess that characters who are driven by revenge are the ones I find hardest to understand, so being forced into that perspective should be an interesting ride. I can’t say I’m the biggest drama fan, but like a counterpoint to My Forged WeddingKiss of Revenge takes on a darker stance in terms of “using” people (college girl “uses” a favor to get a good job placement, doctor out for revenge “uses” the men to get closer to her goal). I feel that I will be playing all of the routes in this game, and perhaps even indulge in the epilogues, should they be available.


I had intended to write more first impressions in one post, but didn’t expect to write so much X3;; I’ll leave you with these two for now.

If you have any otoge for Android to recommend me (as long as it’s translated in English or French), send them my way, and I’ll be glad to try them out!

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