[Otoge] First Impressions – #2

I have sampled several otoge before making myself comfortable with one, or two… or four. I have to admit that I’m getting addicted to these things, and so to help temper the fire, I told myself that I will have to at least write a first impressions post about what I have sampled so far, and to write game/route reviews.

— also, I really want to collect all the megane guys. B)

This post features In Your Arms Tonight and 10 Days With My Devil.


In Your Arms Tonight


Genji looks desperate. Maybe that’s the reason why you two didn’t last. /BRICKED

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Life’s looking perfect: you’re working up the ranks as an interior designer, you have great friends, and you’re married to a well-earning and hard-working man. You really have something to talk about to your high school friends come reunion time. Thing is, you find out that your husband is cheating on you. You are blamed for it because you didn’t decide to stay home like a good housewife. Furthermore, you are shamed by your father because you couldn’t keep a marriage for more than three months. How will you ever live this up?


The prologue urges you to take a look at how you will move on through life as a divorcée and a struggling career woman, and the possibility of finding love again. A class reunion, chance encounters, and the workplace present you with supportive friends and possible candidates with whom you can share your heart again.


This is another game that boasts of a big cast, but only a few managed to capture my interest.

I think this why we have the “it’s complicated” option on Facebook, huh?

Kiyoto: Indeed an impertinent bartender. A 20 year-old who is way too fresh for his own good, and he doesn’t think twice about hitting on older women — like you. He has a lecherous mouth on him and doesn’t know how to mind his own business. He’s good at mixing drinks, and he sure would like to stir you up. I say “no thank you”.

Genji: The game’s Main Guy (and, incidentally, the very first route of any otoge I have purchased ever). A football superstar and, incidentally, your former high school flame. He’s cool most of the time, passionate about his sport and warm towards his fans; but he shows traits of being a big manchild. But, since he’s the main guy, he shouldn’t be that bad, right?

Koichi: THAT LYING CHEATING BASTARD– I mean. Your ~ex-husband~. His good qualities lie in being dutiful and hard-working. What he does, he does out of a sense of duty… which somehow lead to him doing upsetting and humiliating you. His excuse is that the marriage was loveless, and that you shouldn’t complain since you’re living the good life with him. I want to buy his route because I want to see if there’s a part where I can knee him in the groin or poison his tea.

Shohei: Your cute junior colleague. Somehow, there’s just something about his design that’s just off and I’m just turned off from the idea of having to look at his face for the next dozen-or-so episodes. Sorry, Shohei. Maybe I’ll save you for last.

Kippei: So far the most appealing one for me. He’s a strict man, work-oriented, but a caring and encouraging boss. His idea of comforting you when seeing you crying (outside of work, thankfully) is to buy you a drink, listen to your woes, walk you half a ways home… and gently remind you to please deliver this envelope to an important client which you forgot on your desk.

Two more characters are featured and to be quite honest, the free chapters didn’t appeal much to me, despite the option of an older man.

Is it just me, or do I see some Alan Rickman in this dude?

… why am I not thrilled to know that Genji has a brother?

Ginnosuke: this eligible forty-something is the owner of a chain of hotels whose lobby designs are left in your creative hands. This obviously requires spending a lot of ~quality time~ with him so it seems to be a nice place to start some romance. Sadly, nothing of his supposed personality stuck so, I hope I’ll remember him before I uninstall the game. He is both your older man and occasional megane option.

Soji: a renowned ceramic artist, your client wants him and only him to provide the ceramic creations in their renovation projects. It just so happens you are able to pull some strings: Soji is Genji’s brother. It also just so happens that he has had a thing for you in the past, but didn’t want to get in the way of you and his brother. But like his creations, his personality is of stone, so I don’t find myself motivated to pursue him. The MC deserves better.


I approached this game with an open (and giddy) mind. While the plot plays out like an afternoon soap opera, I’m quite fascinated by the idea that Voltage decided to play with this otherwise delicate theme. Divorce isn’t a light topic to deal with, logistically and emotionally, and much more so in Japanese culture. I look forward to exploring the routes that interest me.


10 Days With My Devil

I’m kind of waiting for their eyes to turn black.
In the meantime, I’m gonna stock up on the salt.

▶ Intro video
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Your day was going swimmingly (… wait, I’m starting to see a pattern here) and even more so because it’s your extra lucky day! You’ve won a trip around the world! A hot guy randomly gives you designer shoes you can’t afford! Your new hot work colleague asks you out! This hot up and coming pastry chef was suddenly ~inspired~ by you!

… wow all these hot guys in one day, what more can you ask for?


— NOT getting your house set on fire, that is! At the end of your seemingly ~perfect~ day, you find that all your belongings go up in smoke. Loitering around the scene are five guys WHO LOOK AWFULLY FAMILIAR and GASP they are devils! They explain that you needed to die so as they can deliver your soul to the angels so as it can be prepared for reincarnation. If they don’t do their job, the angels will smite them.

What a load of crap, right? Since, apparently, they failed because they can’t keep their dog, Cerberus in line, and caused you to delay in your getting home! Why do they need so many to deliver just one soul? They explain later on.

— and we will totally believe them for the sake of the game and to get us some devilish luvins. Thus you strike a bargain with them: in exchange for NOT screaming for help from angels (because they can totally hear the quietest of prayers!) and telling on these devils for their incompetence, you tell them to grant you 10 days to finish some… unfinished business. And so their ring leader asks you to choose a guardian who will be with you in those 10 days…


… can I just bake you cake instead? Or offer you lamb’s blood?
Or if you can just stand over there and please don’t look at the floor or the ceiling
so I can call on my friends, the Winchesters? Thank you.

From left to right —

Shiki: I was certainly looking forward to the megane option UNTIL HE DISPLAYS THE PERSONALITY OF A BRICK. WHY. He is in charge of maintaining their group’s work records. He’s better off left alone and in an air conditioned room working or sleeping. He is capable of mind control so as to manipulate targets like you into your timely death. Somehow, you’re immune to that, and that greatly troubles him. IT MUST BE LOVE. I would like to choose him so that when he’s in his natural habitat, I can escape. This is a sound plan.

Meguru: The nicest of the bunch, Meguru’s the newest addition to their team — and the first one that you meet, as he wakes you up with the news that you have won a trip around the world! He doesn’t have a specified role yet (until revealed during his route, which I won’t spoil here), but he’s glad enough to help his older half-brother, Kamui, in their assignments. He’s also the most chatty and has the cutest smile, so I think I’ll like him.

Haruhito: Cereberus’ owner. Now we know who to blame in the assignment’s failure. He’s the most flirty of the bunch and like Meguru, he’s easy to talk to, helpful and likes his secrets. He also has a great taste for designer shoes. An easy choice for me.

Kakeru: The game’s Main Guy. Oh Voltage. Why do a good number of your Main Guys have to be “cool assholes” (see also Genji and Yamato). SIGH. He’s the son of the Demon King, thus making him a prince but not making him any more appealing. He has power over someone’s life force (which I somehow see as cheating), and I suppose that means that he can boss everyone around. He’ll be doing that a lot as your hot new(ish) colleague. Ugh.

Satoru: He is Kakeru’s second-in-command, and he’s described as “black hearted”. I haven’t figured out what that means, but I suppose that doesn’t make me want to deal with him. He just came off as an aloof asshole with badly cut hair. He can see into the future — which is a tricky thing because apparently, he didn’t foresee their own screw-up. He certainly can bake review-worthy cakes though.

… so he’s either Canadian, Scottish, or Irish. Or he’s pretending to be.
He looks kinda endearing though.

Rein: SURPRISE! A BONUS CHARACTER! And he’s an angel, too! Looks like your cries for help were heard! His free chapter doesn’t indicate him knowing it’s you who called for help, and of course, you’re clueless. The ridiculous idea that he has that Canadian-Scottish-Irish accent notwithstanding (oh, Voltage), I’m curious as to how this route will play out. He’s definitely in my Top 3.


I just want to comment that I had wished to see more conviction coming from the MC. I’m not quite convinced of her reasons to want to live longer, and if I were the devils, I’d say screw that, toast her, and get on with my day. There are plotholes in the prologue, and I don’t believe that those are compelling enough reasons to see the story through.

10 Days With My Devil was one of the games I left for the back-burner: momentarily uninstalled and will probably play funds and addiction permitting. 😛 I like things relating to the supernatural though, so I don’t think I’ll be forgetting this one easily.


… I have ridiculous expectations of my otoge, don’t I?

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