[Otoge] First Impressions – #3

These two games, My Sweet Bodyguard and Office Secrets, had both been bumped into the “might play later” list for two reasons:

1) The top four (which I will be revealing soon) were the ones I found most intriguing; and
2) They do not have free main story chapters.

The latter point, I’m becoming particular about, specially when the prologue feels lacking. Not only do I need a motivation to find out more, but I need a reason to care, not just about the story (which usually is pretty shallow with a sprinkling of gems, let’s be real here), but about the characters I’ll be investing money and time on.

My Sweet Bodyguard

Nope. No way anyone would know these guys are bodyguards.

Intro video (in Japanese only)

Premise / Prologue:

You are a college undergraduate (no, not a pop star, alas) who suddenly finds out that the current Prime Minister of fictional!Japan is your real, biological father! While that has its perks, it certainly comes with its risks — such as bad guys knowing about that delicate information not known to the general public. With this mind-boggling hazard in your life, aside from getting yourself at peace with this sudden turn of identity, you now need to be supervised 24/7 — goodbye, Privacy. I knew you so well. TT^TT


… that main guy. Can’t we have The Playful One as the Main Guy for once?
Thank stars for the ability to choose, I say!

Katsuragi: “The awkward boss” — nah, don’t tell me he’s awkward I mean, he looks so cool. Voltage, the last time you told me someone was awkward (Takao from My Forged Wedding) he turned out to be freaking adorable. From now on, I will translate “awkward” to “freaking adorable”. Because I do like me some older men in authority who can be freaking adorable.

Kaiji: “The teasing childhood friend” — more like elementary school bully. Kidding aside, his looks stand out and he does look the part. If he weren’t out to chomp my head off I’d probably scramble to buy his route.

Misuki: “The playful ex-popstar” — … at this point, I forget if he was the one who dressed up as a girl to save the MC’s butt. Otherwise, I’m still blinking and raising a brow as to how a young pop star can become qualified to be a bodyguard. I look at him and Denzel Washington in Man on Fire and I see no similarities. Also, he needs a comb so bad.

Sora: “The fun guy with many talents” — … maybe he’s the one who dressed as a girl. I mean, passing as a girl is a talent, right? I give him a little ♥ because I’m partial to characters who have “Sora” in their name. And of course they’d be fun.

Subaru: “The alpha-male leader” — oh come on. How redundant can you get? Don’t tell me he throws his weight around over his supposed-to-be boss too? Then again, if he truly is productive and that he has leadership qualities, I guess the MC can live with that.


The setting is just way too clichéd for me to consider investing on it. I blame the movie Bodyguard, and I also blame my dabbling in Bodyguard-themed memes in roleplay. The characters, upon their introductions in the prologue, did not draw me in enough. It also doesn’t help that it didn’t offer the first chapters of the main stories for free like in the other games. This one goes to the backburner.

Office Secrets

Reverse harem never looked so right, amirite?
… put that phone down though, Shingo THIS IS A PHOTOSHOOT. UGH.

Intro video


You are a twenty-something working for a marketing/advertising company. You’re pretty comfortable in your place in Sales, but suddenly, a ~super team~ of elite employees are put together to launch a new project — and you’re part of it! You’re the only woman in the team and, really, it might be pretty sad if you don’t get some romance by the end of the year!


One by one, you meet your team mates and you get a glimpse of their personality. What stands out however is that they somehow doubt your capabilities — because, really, what’s a normal sales officer doing with this ~elite team~ of dashing young bachelors and achievers, right?

You’ll show these bastards, right in their faces (and very handsome faces they are). You’ll also show ’em that you can have them wrapped around your little finger, as you look for stress-relief after assignments and presentations. Alas, you can’t catch ’em all in one go, so you’ll have to choose one (by selecting beside whom you’ll be sitting in your new office).


I find it quite discriminatory that Voltage created a throw-away character and gave him an awful character design. His name was even forgettable. I had wanted to romance that dorkface but alas, he isn’t included in the mix. We’ll have to settle for the six featured up there, plus another.

From left to right —

Ryoma: the ~star~ of the company. Women fall for him, men want to be him. He’s a condescending jerk though and there’s something off about his haircut in his sprites. I also don’t like his cocky smile. I don’t want to sit beside him.

Tamotsu: THE ONLY PERSON WHO BOTHERS REMEMBERS MY NAME AND ALL MY EMPLOYEE DETAILS. I like this boss already. I wouldn’t want to sit beside anyone else but him. Also, he rocks that goatee and that tan suit. He shows signs of being a bit of a perv (as far as otoge standards are concerned). He will be my golden lion… or something.

Toranosuke: “Tora” for short. Another arrogant Main Guy. The prologue doesn’t say if he has any redeeming qualities aside from wanting to save a high school girl from a subway pervert. I indeed am biased against arrogant guys in general so, alas, it would have to take more for me to think of purchasing routes for these types.

Junya: He’s a nice guy! Grandson of the president and has a self-deprecating personality. He’s the most flirty of the bunch, but also one of those who seem SOOOO surprised that you’re part of the team. Screw you guys, I’m as competent as you lot.

Shota: … that really is his name. A multilingual who likes riding his bike to work. He’s also pretty nice and enthusiastic. However, like Junya, Tora and Ryoma, he doubts your presence in this project. CAN’T I GET ANY BREAK??

Shingo: I don’t know what it is with the megane tropes in Voltage. Soichiro of Kiss of Revenge is a calculating mastermind (wait, that’s a good thing), Shiki of 10 Days With My Devil has the personality of a brick, Koichi of My Forged Wedding is a talking ice cube. Shingo here is not only a linefacer, but he doesn’t cut you some slack either. I also do NOT like his haircut.

Not featured in the splash page is this guy:

Look at that sweetie. He’s like a puppy in being worried about you.

Ryoma: He’s more or less the next nicest guy after the boss — at least in my opinion. He’s a colleague who started at the same time as you did, but managed to step up the ranks a bit. He hasn’t shown any obvious doubts as to why you’re part of this special project… yet! And he’d better not, or else you won’t be friends anymore! >8(


Despite my cruel observation of the guys, Office Secrets was a close candidate in my route-buying. The idea of office romance is intriguing to explore in fiction, as it isn’t something one would freely dabble in in real life. However, I came across Our Two-Bedroom Story, and thought that it might become redundant with regards to the genre. The latter won out in my choice as it had the first chapter samples of each route, while this one had none.

This however, remains as one of the higher contenders, once I get around to exhausting my current four games. The prologue gave me enough interest, and the idea of showing these guys up is a thought I like to entertain. It appeals to the achiever in me in that I want to show these jerks what I can do.

Unless of course, another more intriguing game bumps it further down in my list.

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