[Otoge] First Impressions – #4

Thank goodness for the weekend! Thursday and Friday were preoccupied with the Winter Olympics in Sochi (and more specifically by one Michael Christian Martinez and one other Yuzuru Hanyu), and just having a great time over Valentine’s day. Now that I’ve got those done, I’ll finish up with my current list of Otoge First Impressions, with Our Two-Bedroom Story, and Love Letter From Thief X, and I will also reveal the Top 4 games I have picked to play first (if they weren’t that obvious yet X3;; )

Our Two-Bedroom Story


I shake my head over the improbability of this setup, but heck I watched
that Ashley Judd movie in which she roomied with Hugh Jackman AND I LIKED IT.
So I guess that means I should check this out.

Intro video



Having a roomie isn’t bad.

Having a roomie who’s a guy… is liveable.

Having a roomie who’s a guy and who also happens to be your co-worker… yup. That’s the game.

And it starts out quite interestingly.


I would’ve liked to start this out like the others with “your life was coming along swimmingly”, but it’s more apt to say that “your life is normal” — no stellar weddings, no odd favors, no devils getting in your way. Just work, a few cute colleagues and that’s it. Normal.

Oh but your mother is getting remarried! She has been dating a nice man, and she wanted to have this formal introductory dinner. So the man is nice, and even offers you to live in one of his houses so you can be an independent woman! Oh, and meet his son too — who happens to be one of your (hot male) colleagues.

As if that wasn’t awkward enough (having a half-brother as a colleague), you find out on the day that you move that he lives in that one house that you were moving into! Sadly, you’ve already left your own place so at least he has the decency to let you stay until you find your own place.

That is the arrangement — and your domestic life plays out following the guy that you choose.


Reference to the picture above, going from left to right —

Shusei: Everyone in the office agrees, Shusei is the nicest guy in the company. He’s a gentleman, he always smiles, he is unselfish — it’s easy to see him as your half brother… and even easier still to fall for him. I think some might find that persona off-putting, but surely there’s more than meets the eye.

Kaoru: Quiet, reserved and says what’s necessary. Reminiscent of Ren from My Forged Wedding, except that he knows more than what he lets on. Cat person in a lot of ways, so treat him like a cat, and he’ll probably leave you in peace.

Chiaki: I knew it. I found Ribbons Almark. He also acts a little like him: smooth, polite surface, but has a bit of a hidden ego. So far, his first chapter isn’t released, but something tells me that you should be careful around him.

Akiyoshi: YOUR BOSS and it doesn’t get more awkward than that. He’s a bit of a slave driver, but he does know his stuff. Your colleagues are intimidated by him. He looks like a younger version of Kippei from In Your Arms Tonight which I find adorable. Also, he “growls”, and it’s something that your lady colleagues find hot, apparently. I wonder how he does that, though.

Minato: the game’s Main Guy and once again, we are faced with an arrogant ass. SIGH. Ladies, we deserve better. Anyhow, he looks sharp in a suit and Shusei speaks nicely of him. He’s also a bit of a perv which flusters our heroine. I’ll most likely be saving him for last.


Our Two-Bedroom Story features a more compelling, and less scandalous office-set story line than Office Secrets, and the setup is quite playful. The sprites, including those of NPCs, have seen some improvement in design and quality, and look smoother and better shaded than the ones used in previous games. Minato annoys me, but he makes up for it by laughing a lot, so I think this would be one of the games in which I will exhaust all the routes.



Love Letter From Thief X

A love affair with a thief? Will I be a cop? Whatever, count me in!

Intro video (in Japanese only)


Prologue / Premise:

You work as a receptionist at a museum. One night, as you were closing shop, the alarm is triggered, and in comes guys in black clothing! They have stolen an artifact and they claim that they are just getting it back to its true owner — and yes, they hung around to have a little chat with you. Either that’s really stupid, or they’re just that confident in their skills. You find that it’s more of the latter — they even leave cards behind for their targets to find!

Stressed, the next day, you go to your favorite ramen bar/restaurant with a friend. You encounter a pair of guys, one of them rude and huffy because you took the last order of his favorite ramen. The other is nicer and chats you and your friend up. Awkward.

The night comes, and you were just about ready to get to sleep until you hear foreign noises in your house! Turns out that you’re being robbed — and by those same guys that broke into the museum, and the guys that you met in the restaurant! JUST WHAT IS GOING ON?? It’s not like you’re rich or anything!

— oh a ring? The one on your finger? Yeah, they want it — and they want you. For some reason, they know that it was your grandfather you made that ring, and you are supposed to help them unlock something important or someshit like that YOU HAVE TO GO WITH THEM NOW.

But wait. You have to choose, you guessed it, just one who will take you away.

/shaking head so bad.


They are called the Black Foxes, and they’re out to steal back your precious things and to steal your heart! With the top picture as reference, going counter-clockwise starting from the left —

Riki: Voltage likes describing guys as “alpha males”, but I suppose that means Riki has leadership qualities– oh wait, he is the leader of the Black Foxes and the one who plans their heists. Unlike the other Main Guys, while he’s arrogant, he has a fresh sense of humor.

Takuto: that sullen ramen guy who just isn’t very nice at all. He’s a programmer and he takes care of hacking the security systems of the places they steal from. I don’t like him.

Hiro: the red-headed art student who is a master of disguise. Now this I gotta see. The prologue hasn’t shown him dressing up, but he was Takuto’s nice and approachable companion. I like him already.

Kenshi: a bit of a charmer, this one; which I suppose is to be expected as he is a sniper, and he’s out to snipe your heart! I do wonder if he says something like, “nerai utsuze!” (“I will snipe you!”) before shooting his targets :3a

Atsumu: the Black Foxes’ boss. He… doesn’t do much. I suppose he’s just there to keep the boys in line and approve their heists and such. Oh! Maybe he does research with Riki!


I was fondly reminded of Gosho Aoyama’s Magic Kaito and the older Cat’s Eye, specially in terms of leaving calling cards behind and/or letters forewarning of a heist. I’m somehow glad that Voltage picked up on this theme. Despite it being one of their older titles, and that it doesn’t offer free chapters, I find myself curious. I think this will be one of the titles I’ll check out once I’ve exhausted the ones I currently have.


So that wraps up my current lineup of first impressions. I’ll do more as I sample other otoge in the future. What you can look forward to now are the game/route reviews for the top for that I’m currently playing.

And speaking of the ones I’m playing, my Top 4 (or more like my First Four) are:

  1. My Forged Wedding
  2. In Your Arms Tonight
  3. Our Two-Bedroom Story
  4. Kiss of Revenge

Until next time!

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2 Responses to [Otoge] First Impressions – #4

  1. Sheng Han says:

    Hi! I’m wondering which one should I start.

    Which game do you recommend?

    My Forged Wedding or Kiss of Revenge?


    • Cielo says:

      Hi! Thanks for dropping by :D!

      If it’s your first time into Voltage games or otome games in general, I recommend My Forged Wedding. At this point, I’ve already gone through all of the available Season 1 stories, so I can safely recommend it to anyone who wants to dip their feet into otoge. It has a nice mix of slice of life, humor, romance and drama.

      Kiss of Revenge is heavy on drama, so time and resources allowing, I’d recommend it too, if you want variety.

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