Hello WordPress!

I’ve been lurking around WP for some time now — mostly to follow friends’ WP blogs and to comment in them; but since this past April marked my 10th year of being present in the blogsphere, I thought I’d make my presence known in these parts.

My online username is aethracaelis, a not-so-successful portmanteau of two Latin words, “aethra” which translates to “skies”, and “caelis” which means “heavenly”.  Why? Because offline, I go by Cielo = “sky” (or “darling”, if you are so inclined :P) in Spanish, or “heaven” in Italian.

Please bear with me as I get things together — layout, content, importing older blog entries, and such.

What to expect in this blog? Just a lot of thoughts with regards to my experiences, about fandom, and the random doodle.  I usually maintain a blog as a way of keeping in touch with online friends, but if you’ve dropped by randomly, feel free to say “hi” and leave your thoughts, too.  This blog can get pretty personal and emotional, and I realize that that’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but I thought that I’d still leave a few words (or a thousand).  Who knows? What I write might strike a chord with you, in the same manner that others’ writings have struck a chord with me.

That said, see you in the next entry!

About Cielo

I am a paper-pusher by day, a log by night, an aspiring singer-dancer and a wannabe artist in-between. I am also a Professional Space Cadet.
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2 Responses to Hello WordPress!

  1. andoy says:

    Hi there! I hope to see how you customize your page. You always have interesting layouts and themes. Welcome and enjoy!

    • AC says:

      Heya, thanks! I hope to figure things out soon. I no longer have the luxury of sitting down and figuring codes out, so I hope that WP’s seemingly simpler system will work for me!

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