… so yeah, 10 years on LiveJournal huh?

I thought that celebrating 10 years of something is worth a fancy speech, a champagne toast, and a live band playing in the background; but I don’t really feel like the something overly special happened. I only realized that 10 years have passed when I wrote my latest entry on relationships.

I might not have a big celebration planned (because the anniversary has passed already last April 13) but there are two things that I felt should mark the milestone —

I – From “Balance Disrupted”, to “Joyful anticipation”

If anything, I realized that “Balance Disrupted” no longer illustrates my current mindset, and I feel that the title of my entry, “Joyful anticipation” was more apt. “Balance Disrupted” touches upon what I perceived as the daily chaos of my life, and that every day was a struggle to set things right — only to be toppled again as the new day begins. In hindsight, while it might’ve painted a picture of resilience, I now see it as quite the stressful way of thinking.

“Joyful anticipation” was a drop of inspiration. It encapsulates how I am inspired to look at life. I can make plans, sure. I can dream, I can wish, I can pray. But in the end, either my plans are seen through; or they’re denied or delayed, because I there is something I have to learn first (like unlocking achievements) and/or there is something way better in store for me.

II – Open or closed?

My blog is relatively open. I’d like to believe that I have come to find a comfortable style of writing about my experiences that I feel that I can share with anyone who might stumble upon the blog. I only lock when I need to drop names, or when I feel pretty vulnerable and raw. But it’s “closed” in the sense that 1) I’ve set my blog not to be part of search engines, and 2) I don’t share my entries over Facebook (except for this one), nor is my blog url shared over there [ETA: now it is].

I’m not out to market my blog — I’m not after hits or whatever. I just want to make it stumble-friendly, and I just want to have a space to tl;dr on. If anything, I just really want to share my thoughts and my experiences. There are things that make me happy, and I’d like to share them with others — whether it be my drawings, realizations, or anything fandom-related.

So, I’ll be keeping my blogs in that open-but-not-promoted state. 😛

ETA : III – WordPress

So. Yeah. Thought I’d hop onto WordPress, too.

I guess that’s it! Yay for 10 years of blogging! \o/

About Cielo

I am a paper-pusher by day, a log by night, an aspiring singer-dancer and a wannabe artist in-between. I am also a Professional Space Cadet.
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