Temporary Tattoos (and why I’m more Camp Jupiter than Camp Half Blood) 

Today’s the Philippine Independence Day, and thus we can wear casual clothes to work (aside from the Casual Fridays).  I decided to wear my Camp Jupiter (CJ) t-shirt, and I thought that the “closet cosplay” will not be complete without the requisite tattoo.

First, I thought that I can draw it, even if upside down.  However, the Heroes of Olympus books described it as being in the inner right forearm… and I’m right-handed.

C-J Tattoo Reference Sheet
by chiyokins on deviantART

Thankfully enough, Pip linked me to a DIY temporary tattoo guide, and I ended up taking a few more pointers from this tutorial —

— in which I used acetone to successfully transfer ink from paper to my skin.

Last night, I did a quick test with an earth bending sigil on the top of my left hand.  It’s just a 1″x1″ affair, and so far, it has withstood hand washing, a shower and some sweat, all within 12 hours (and counting).

Earthbending Symbol
by XSeabiscuitX on deviantART
Because that’s just how Earth Benders are: resilient and stubborn.

This morning, I made a temporary tattoo as if I were a daughter of Bellona, and that I have served 10 years in the legion.  I’d take a picture of the tattoo, but I wasn’t very successful in transferring the ink onto my skin.  It’s a bigger thing at 3.5″x2.5″.  It was easier to hold down a pad of acetone’d cotton over a 1″x1″ tattoo than dab it over a bigger area.  I’d probably need to use gauze next time.  It hasn’t been six hours and it’s already fading.

[And by the time I publish this, I have already sweated it out at the gym and took a shower, and it’s already gone :<  The stylized badgermole still persists!]

Badgermoles. Yes.  They’re huge and adorable.  I want one.

Regardless, the tattoo isn’t a quick thing.  It’s staying for a few hours, if not for the rest of the day.

I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo — of what, I didn’t know.  As of where, I didn’t know either.  Right now, I’m wanting a proper Earth Bending sigil (a 2″x2″ affair) on the outside of my right ankle — but as per Gab‘s advice, I should let the Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Korra high wear off to make my decision final.  And today, it sank in how right she is.

Sporting the CJ tattoo on my right arm felt very strange.  Even if it was faded, it wasn’t easily hidden.  I can’t imagine going around with a tattoo on this part of my body for the rest of my life.  In fact, the bars underneath the “SPQR” made it feel like I was sporting a prison tattoo ”’orz.  I keep looking at it, hyper-aware of what people might think if they see it, even if it’s obviously temporary.  It’s not a cutesy tattoo of a butterfly, or of a random kanji either.  For those who aren’t familiar with Rick Riordan’s stories, what would you think of a corporate pencil pusher with a tattoo of a crossed torch and sword on her arm, the letters “SPQR“, and bars as if counting off days??

It’s such an elegant font, though!

Of course, we’re taught not to give a single damn about what others think.  I adhere to that, no questions ask; but what matters to me is that I have rules to adhere to — and that’s what makes me more Camp Jupiter than Camp Half Blood (CHB).

And thing is? I like rules, I like order — as long as they ensure the happiness and wellbeing of people.  I can be hard on myself, and I can be strict with other people, to the point of being mentally militaristic.  I love the Greek outlook of heroes, but I like the other luxuries offered by being Roman 😛 ~

As I type this, I’m still looking at my CJ tattoo, and comparing it to my Earth Bending sigil, and I feel comfortable with the latter than the former.  The CJ tattoo has a prescribed significance in the Heroes of Olympus canon — it’s an I.D.  It identifies the child or the legacy of a Roman god; it reminds said child of its purpose (Senātus Populusque Rōmānus — For the Senate and People of Rome), and of their number of years in the service.  It’s for a sword-wielding arm, and something that a cowering monster or enemy will see as they’re struck down.  I’d love to have it, but I cannot properly own it.  I really don’t feel that I can pull off this tattoo on a permanent basis, as long as I’m working corporate — I’d have to keep it hidden.

However, this experience further cemented my desire to get the ankle tattoo.  I like the feel of being grounded and not floating off too far.  Other tattoo plans involve a Fire Nation sigil on my left hip, the Air Nomad sigil at the bottom of my nape… and I’ll have to think of where I’d want the Northern and Southern Water Tribe sigils.

It’s ironic that my heart is more CJ than CHB, and yet I can’t bring myself to get the tattoo — well, not yet!  For now, I’ll have to make do with the shirt.  I still have to really figure out which deity I identify with.  Bellona’s cool but doesn’t feel… complete.  I’ll try for Venus next time (I do like talking about love), if not Apollo/Phœbus.

… besides, tomorrow’s Friday, and I need to check how I feel about being in an orange CHB shirt 😛 hehehe~

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