Write about a loss, part 3: Reset

An optimistic way of looking at loss is what we gain from it.  Of course, a loved one can never be replaced, but we gain gratitude for the time we have spent with them — just one of the invaluable lessons that such a loss can give us.

That thought aside, I’m here for something more lighthearted, and it made me think of the Tarot card lore, in which the Death card doesn’t literally mean dying, but more of change and the onset of rebirth; resetting, starting anew.

So today, I got my work PC profile reset (one of the repair methods our IT people came up with, because it took the PC around 30 minutes to load upon logging in — and that’s not normal.)  My documents remained intact, of course, including my Outlook folders and all, but a few settings had reset themselves — my MS Office display, my Favorites, my pinned programs.  For some reason, I felt a sense of relief — like cobwebs swept from the nooks of my brainstems.

Another bit of reset I’m working is growing my bangs out.  I’ve got several input that I should try doing so, just to go with my newish asymmetrical cut.  Now, I’m quite conscious of my forehead and I’d really rather keep it hidden.  Of course, I can have it partly hidden once my bangs grow out, but that’s the thing — the growing out part.  So either I let my bangs poke my eyes, or I pin them up.

At least the latter will allow me to get some cute clips and pins 😛 !

A reset waiting to happen is my tea collection.  The stock I’m exhausting was something I have accumulated in the past three to four months.  New flavors need to be acquired!

There really are just times when a reset is called for — factory reset of PCs and smart phones, deleting a social media account, a complete rehaul and/or redecoration of your room.  While I’m all for keeping mementos (virtual or otherwise), sometimes you have to let go of a bunch of things, so you can make space for new and better things, and so you know which ones which one are clutter, and which ones truly matter.

About Cielo

I am a paper-pusher by day, a log by night, an aspiring singer-dancer and a wannabe artist in-between. I am also a Professional Space Cadet.
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