Stories by Erin A. Bisson

Do you like fantasy? Do you like it mixed with mystery and conspiracies? Do you like it when a world grips you by the brain and never lets you go and you dream about it for the next few weeks?

Then you’ll like these books by Erin A. Bisson — available for free download from Amazon for a limited time! Tell your family! Tell your friends!

Click on the titles to get your free download.

King of Bones

One by one, the Clans of the virshaan are being destroyed. Faced with an unknown enemy of that is twisting the fallen Clans into an undead army and blighting the plains of Vannes with ritual slaughters, Keshan, last survivor of Ghostmoon, and the combined forces of three human kingdoms must discover the source of this ancient threat before it overtakes the entirety of the Western Reach.

Free Book Promotion runs from January 18 to 22, 2015

Fire and Thorn

Years before the King of Bones ravaged the kingdom of Arles…

Reveling in their newfound freedom, Proteion Geoskia, earth-shaper, and Journeyhealer Dashyan leave Apaeron’s shining walls behind in search of the true state of the kingdom and an elusive healing blossom. On the road the pair discover a quarantined village —and much more, as exiles, brigands, and a dead virshaan Clan promise to paint the forest red as the heart’s rose they’re chasing.

Fire and Thorn also includes three other tales.

Free Book Promotion runs from January 14 to 18, 2015

Machine City Knights

Elysium was born from the flames of a cataclysm that devoured the entire world. Now the shining megalopolis towers above the barrenlands, its sleekly shining towers testament to rebirth, while above soars the data-Tree of the Aidoneus System. But a blight is spreading through the Machine City. Gaping dimensional maws – the Bleeds – shred the air, disgorging Phages that capture Elysium’s citizens. And Aidoneus grows more erratic … and, perhaps, aware.

The source of the Bleeds must be found – before Elysium becomes ground zero for a second cataclysm.

Free Book Promotion runs from January 21 to 25, 2015

I myself have brought a copy of King of Bones, and I utterly enjoyed it. I’m not one for reviews, but those who know me know that I don’t waste time with my literature. The characters are lovable (Keshan ♥!), and the world is presented in a way that allows you to give your own personal twist to what you see.

It’s writing that comes into harmony with the reader, and I’d be a bad friend if I didn’t recommend these to you.

So, even if you miss the free download period, no harm in buying the Kindle copies or ordering the prints!


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