The First Impression Habit

One of the writing habits I’ve developed in the past year or so: writing "first impressions" on the media I consume: printed media (fiction and non-fiction), movies, series (animated and live-action), games, and documentaries.

I usually just allocate two pages of a small notebook — around the size of an A6 sheet of paper — and fill it with thoughts and ~feelings~. They are mostly in bullet list format, written after watching/reading/playing and focus more on the lingering thoughts and images. Some are just short sentences, some are just cAPS LOCK OF JOY AND RAGE, and a few are genuine (hahaha) introspection.

I’ve started around first quarter of 2014 and carried on since then. I find it to be a nice format for myself, mostly because I’m usually late to the bandwagon — that, and I prefer going on series marathons than digest them episode for episode.

The only instance where I was "timely" was when the last three Harry Potter books and the last Heroes of Olympus books came out, and when I followed the weekly release of Mobile Suit: Gundam 00’s second season. I had a failed attempt with Saint Seiya Omega, and fell off very early in the series (like, after episode 3 ”’orz) I tried, feebly, doing it with Free! Eternal Summer and Attack on Titan (after successfully following Free!) but– yeah, you get the picture: weekly devotions obviously aren’t my forte (read: I would go insane if GRRM released ASoIaF chapter per chapter *SHUDDER*).

What I found with this habit, however, is that each "entry" has practically become an outline for a potential blog post (see otoge first impressions). I’m not really into approaching media in an academic manner and I just enjoy blurting out my thoughts and feelings about the subject at hand. It’s not quite BuzzFeed format (because I still purely find list-articles amusing at best, but not entirely satisfying), but (and I suppose I can hold on to my figurative balls as I say) it’s my own voice.

Soon enough, I’ll share my thoughts on various media — now, I just have to pore over my respective tag list on WordPress and Dreamwidth so I can be organized.

Currently, I’m reading The House of Many Ways (Jones), watching Agents of Shield (Season 2) and backseat-playing Persona 3 FES (alternating between The Journey and The Answer) through my (now 13-y.o.) nephew.

Until next time!

About Cielo

I am a paper-pusher by day, a log by night, an aspiring singer-dancer and a wannabe artist in-between. I am also a Professional Space Cadet.
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