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State of the November challenges

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Writing 101’s Day 11 prompt goes:

No matter what type of blog you have, it’s sometimes necessary to post updates: from project news to personal messages about what’s going on in your life. One creative approach to an update post is a “virtual coffee date,” as seen on Kate Goes Global, which is like catching up with an old friend over a cup of coffee.

I actually had a draft for a two-part series, in which I talk about how I viewed romance and relationships and how it has evolved to the present time; but it felt too personal for my tastes and I do not feel ready be that revelatory yet. On the other hand, watering it down was not an option, and so it is left for the back burner, and a write-up to be developed.

I decided to talk about something else instead — and something more relevant:

State of the November challenges — Sketchavember, Writing 101, and Blogging 101. I think week 3 is a good place as any for a self-evaluation!

Sketchavember 2015

I have committed myself to doing one sketch a day — including weekends. I was more or less successful on the first week, fell behind a little on the second week, and as of press-time, I am behind, the last sketch made on November 14. Or course, I will not be drawing four drawings in one day, but I plan to space them out by doing two drawings a day until I’m all caught up.

Writing 101

I am actually thankful to have the weekend as a break. Much as I would have liked to indulge in the “bonus” weekend challenges, I appreciated the rest, and the time away from the computer.

To date, I am two days behind — the current prompt sitting in my inbox is already for Day 13, and I am now on Day 11. I am avoiding publishing two posts in one day, but I do have a plan for that: it’s easier for me to write, and all I have to do is to take advantage of WordPress’ draft feature, and schedule them for posting later.

Blogging 101

This, I confess, is the least successful of all challenges. As with Writing 101, I have failed in one aspect of the courses: engaging with the blogging community. Given my current daily schedule (5 hours of commute a day, 9 hours in the office, and other responsibilities), keeping up with a community feels daunting — I feel as if it would be just like the role-playing community, that outside of your output, you are bound to socialize with your fellow players. Of course, I am not against socializing — or else I would not be blogging in the first place!

However, I am not giving up. I believe I bit off more than I could chew this month, what with the triple challenges. I will gladly sign up for the next round of Blogging 101. For now, I will graciously fold my towel and hand it over (instead of throwing it, because that would be rude). I come away with the knowledge that being a blogger — and to become a successful one at that — comes with community engagement. It is not just about throwing words at the wall and tossing links here and there — it is about getting your words out there, and hearing other people’s voices as well.

I really am thankful for the opportunities presented to me by the challenges. The are not over yet, but I have already learned a lot about myself, and I am just ecstatic over the idea that I can write whenever I want to! I am excited to see where this adventure will lead me.



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7 thoughts on “State of the November challenges

  1. You’re not the only one behind on their projects, you put it out there and others just hind behind their unwritten words. I’m trying to do the blogging 101, it’s not what I thought it would be, so I guess you can say, I have tossed in the brain.

    1. Oh dear! Hahaha! It really helps to know we’re not alone, huh? Don’t give up and keep on writing!

      One of the most valuable pieces of advice a friend gave me was: “If you think it’s hard to be patient with others, it’s harder to be patient with yourself,” and it proves to be true, time and again!

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