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I have been trying to think of a way to share my studies, thoughts, and insights with regards to my journey in my Christian faith — mainly, whether I should use a separate blog for it, or I just use a tag in this one “life blog”. The latter won out as I have come to a point where I can really no longer segregate my relationship with God as “spiritual versus secular” — it just asks for linguistic acrobatics that just ends up stressing me out, or even worse, shutting me up.

What I will write about is the truth that I know. I know that I will come across those who would disagree with my faith, but that is part of life. I would go the route of “respectfully agree to disagree”, and better yet, “lovingly scroll past and ignore”, because  I am not going to compromise my freedom of speech, and the chance to reach others with the love of Jesus for the fear of being judged and hated.

I am open to entertaining questions — besides, I will be asking questions until the day I die; so while I will do my best to answer to the utmost of my knowledge and experience, there will be times (more often than not, most likely!) when my best answer will be, “I do not know.”

Scope and Limitations

Shutting up is not an option for me (unfortunately?) — because I do want to share these thoughts and insights with my primary audience: fellow Christians, who happen to be single, and who are “young” in the faith. Of course, it is not for me to dictate as to who would benefit from my sharing, but this is where I stand (as of writing) in terms of my journey with Jesus.

I will eventually come to write about how this journey started — I will save it for a separate post, as I am afraid I might never get things started at all if I flood my notebook’s  keyboard with tears :P!

Related Literature

The content of Faithful Fridays will primarily come from the Bible — and the idea of starting this series was born out of email exchanges with my mother, when she would ask for my thoughts over an assigned chapter or passage of the Bible for her study group. The name was suggested by my good friend, Anaaibachan of Philippines Etcetera.

I also realized that I communicate with my small group and church friends often via the written medium, sharing thoughts over devotionals and revelations from the Bible. I therefore realized I might reach more people through the avenue of my blog. If anything else, it will also be an easier way to access and track certain topics for public sharing purposes.

I will also share take-aways from messages from my pastors, from the Christian books I have been reading, and random reactions to articles from Christian blogs and sites. From hereon-in, I will do my best to reference and cite so as you can also listen to and/or read from these sources.


I will do my best to have something ready for Fridays (ah~ bless WordPress’ setting of the time and date of publishing!), but for now, I will try to do something bi-monthly, until I can progress to something weekly, and then weekly with posts for marked Christian holidays (Lent and Advent, mainly).


That said: let us get things started! Welcome to Faithful Fridays, and what better day to start than Easter Sunday, yes?


About Cielo

I am a paper-pusher by day, a log by night, an aspiring singer-dancer and a wannabe artist in-between. I am also a Professional Space Cadet.
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