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[Art] Voltron Sketchathon

As my Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr followers already know, I had engaged in a “sketch countdown” leading to the premiere of Voltron: Legendary Defender‘s season two — and, incidentally, Hunk’s birthday. I had meant to compile what I had made following my wrap-up, but my notebook had to be sent in for repairs. Due to constraints involving time and logistics, it was only this week that I was able to use my notebook properly, so I have a fair few things to catch up on ^^;;

I had engaged in this project just to release all of the pent-up frustration I had for not being able to draw as much as I liked in 2015 and 2016, and to reclaim something I enjoyed doing for myself. There was a time (which had coincided with my period depression back in 2010~2011) when drawing became something that I had used as a tool, thinking that it would make people like me (or like me more). At that time, drawing, like roleplaying, had become drug-like escapes because I was failing at something I didn’t want to do in the first place.

But I love drawing too much to ruin it for myself. So I decided to ride on my affection for V:LD, and got my hands working:

Countdown to Season Two

To guide me along, I chose to start around 22 days before the January 20th release, and use the Tarot’s major arcana as prompts — whether it’s the name of the card, or its arbitrary interpretation, and how it may apply to a character or a point in Season One. Here, I learned to be strategic so that I’d be able to keep up and finish on time, by started a few days before D-22 (because of the holiday season), and doing two drawings in day when I’m feeling specially enthused 😛

And because I’m a lowkey masochist, I decided to play around with the set of gray-toned brush pens I brought on impulse, and I ended up enjoying using them and learning more about cool and warm tones.

Without further ado (links lead to my Instagram posts) —

  1. The Fool: Lance and Hunk
  2. The Magician: Keith
  3. The High Priestess: Pidge
  4. The Empress: Allura
  5. The Emperor: Shiro (with his arms and legs 😉 )
  6. The Hierophant: Coran  (and a Balmera crystal)
  7. The Lovers: Alfor and his A.I.
  8. The Chariot: Zarkon and Haggar
  9. Fortitude / Strength: Hunk and the Yellow Lion
  10. The Hermit: Keith
  11. The Wheel of Fortune: Nyma, Beezer, and Rolo
  12. Justice: Sam Holt, Pidge, and Matt Holt
  13. The Hanged Man: Rover and Pidge
  14. Death: Rax and Shay
  15. Temperance: Keith and the Red Lion
  16. The Devil: Haggar
  17. The Tower: Alfor and Allura
  18. The Star: Shay
  19. The Moon: Lance and the Blue Lion
  20. The Sun: Pidge and the Green Lion
  21. Judgment: Shiro and the Black Lion
  22. The World: The Lion Family


I had learned of Hunk’s birthday a week before it dropped, and I had wasted time waffling over whether or not to do a countdown of sorts. What I did instead was that I just dove into drawing him with his friends and posted in two-hour intervals on the day itself. I had ended up doing two to three drawings in a week, so by the time I got to the last one, my hand was shaking enough for it to show in the ink XD . Ah well. Hunk’s worth it. ♥

  1. A bust sketch done last July
  2. with Keith and a cupcake
  3. with love from Rover and Pidge
  4. Hunk can be a head, too, someday. Shiro believes in his kouhai.
  5. Legbros are best bros. Fight me.
  6. Allura is there to lift her team up — sometimes, literally.
  7. Looking back, I dunno what came over me to think that Coran would have the Eleventh Doctor’s sonic screwdriver hanging around and would think that Hunk could handle the responsibility of using it, but whatever. It’s an AU waiting to happen… once I get around to actually watching Doctor Who.
  8. What’s a Hunk birthday without involving Shay and the Balmera, hm?

Then I needed to rest my arm for sometime, then work piled up, then I was told my contract was not being renewed, and I just totally slid down the way of fandom/canon fatigue. I stopped drawing and writing anything V:LD-related.

(Side-note: Fandom/canon fatigue is something that I’d like to discuss sometime. It’s starkly different from just getting tired/bored of something, and I would like to gather some input about it.)

But I do have reasons to keep me going. I have sorely missed drawing, and I’m glad for the time I spent doing these two countdowns. Not only was I able to prove to myself that I can still draw, but that I can finish something I have set my mind to do. And I’m going to keep doing it, even if I have failed in the past, and that I stumble along the way. Drawing is a gift I have no intentions of taking for granted, and I’m glad I have V:LD to remind me how much I love it.



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