Moonlight calls me home

The golden moonlight lays its path on the water
A golden brick road on a glittering granite surface
It calls me forward, bidding my feet to start a journey
On and on over the surface of the sea

Fishes dance, sea grass sways, and corals sleep,
my feet painting ripples on the water
The moonlit path glitters and I walk on and on
On and on until I reach the end, and the moon hangs right over me

It shines its silver-gold light on my face,
gifting my eyes with starlight
I reach up, and it smiles; and its soft glow tells me
“Welcome home.”

Last March 31, 2017, during a trip to the Binukbok View Point resort, I got to see moonlight over water for the very first time. As I didn’t have the camera to commemorate the moment, I decided to write some poetry instead.


About Cielo

I am a paper-pusher by day, a log by night, an aspiring singer-dancer and a wannabe artist in-between. I am also a Professional Space Cadet.
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