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[First Impressions] Digimon Links

DigimonLinks start screen
I was salty that I didn’t get Piyomon as my first Digimon. Because Sora = sky = Cielo.

It’s a been a while since I made a review of a mobile game, and this is the first that I’m doing that’s not an otoge. I don’t usually put too much thought into mobile games and I consider myself the most casual of casuals when it comes to gaming. I play mobile games to kill time during the commute, and only after I’m done with my daily quota of reading. Training and battling with my Magikarp, using up my energy gauge on Walkr, and entering my expenses to build my city in Fortune City is my idea of “gaming”.

Over the holidays, my nephew recommended Digimon Links. It was timely because I am currently riding a wave of nostalgia (Dragon Ball Super, anyone?) and that I’m no longer forced to do long commutes as I have been working from home in the past eight months. I just need something dumb to blow off some steam for 5-15 minutes to refresh my mind. So yes, I came in with heavy nostalgia goggles on and installed the game. Five days later, I uninstalled it. Here’s why.

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