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[First Impressions] Digimon Links

Somewhere underneath the clutter lies a RPG with an engaging progression. Continue reading

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David the Tankman (and software keys)

Sometimes I remember David and Gabrielle, and I still wonder how they are doing. I wonder now if David’s grandchildren are able to watch videos of their grandfather, and that he was willing to swap life stories with a relative stranger who lived half a world away. Continue reading

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A (quick) New Year’s Message

Let’s bury 2016 deep in the ground. In its mix of sorrows and joys, may it give us a fruitful 2017 filled with hope and good things. Water and nurture that seemingly awful seed with persistence and stubborn optimism, with … Continue reading

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Le Trac (Pick up that pen)

It doesn’t matter where you are — whether you are self doubting, experiencing burnout, hitting a writer’s block, you can always pick up that pen or set your hands to typing. You have many more stories to tell. Continue reading

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Sunrises and morning commutes

I miss the satisfaction of completing a drawing, the therapeutic strokes of pencils, and having the images in my head take shape on paper. Continue reading

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Quitting roleplay: One year later.

During the time that followed my quitting role playing, I had to learn my value as a person, properly know my strengths and my weaknesses, and properly anchor my identity. Continue reading

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A personal case against hoarding (Final thoughts): 等 価 交换 [tōka kōkan]

Hoarding does not just apply to tangible objects. Like all behavior, it is an outward manifestation of something deeper in the heart and mind. While I am not able to pinpoint one thing as the source of my hoarding, the term, “poverty mentality”; or the words, “greed” and “envy” aptly illustrate my state of mind. Continue reading

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