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State of the November challenges

State of the November challenges — Sketchavember, Writing 101, and Blogging 101. I think week 3 is a good place as any for a self-evaluation! Continue reading

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Work is Love Made Visible

After 12 years, I found that money, duty, and recognition were not enough to make me stay in a company, and definitely not enough to get me up from bed in the morning. Continue reading

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Better than roses.

Perhaps they do not have time to smell the roses, because they are looking at something bigger, something more important to them, something so valuable; and they want it so bad, that roses pale in comparison. Continue reading

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Hello, and welcome — again!

I would like to think that I am more like Sophia Petrillo of the Golden Girls, with her “Picture it…” anecdotes and take-aways. Continue reading

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