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32 (feels like 22, but better!)

I had a distinct image of what restoration would look like: better job, double the salary, etc. What I was given instead were things of inestimable value, and that nothing in this world could ever take away from me. Continue reading

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Scar tissue

I have considered rebuilding the walls around my heart — not let anyone in, not let anyone close, and keep things business-as-usual.

Then the Old Man writes that reddit piece, and I am reminded as to why my walls came down in the first place; reminded as to why I cannot build them back up — and I do not want to. Continue reading

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Joyful anticipation (and so before I let it go as quickly as it came…)

My crushes and the feeling of being in love last pretty long for me (read: three months to a year), and there was just this one that lasted for barely a week. But before I bury the experience into the … Continue reading

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To feel that feeling again (character investment)

There are people that long for the past: for the energy of their youth, their hopes, their dreams. Thankfully enough, at my age, I can say that I don’t want for energy, I never lose hope, and… I don’t have … Continue reading

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