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Learning failure (Teachers’ Day)

Thank you for teaching me how to fail, Mr. Aguilar. Continue reading

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Close my eyes and leap…

The moment took less than five minutes, but I couldn’t believe how much pressure I had put myself in. I probably spent more energy stressing over the self-inflicted mold I set myself to fit in than actually singing. Continue reading

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Jack of all trades, master of none.

Being praised as a “Jack of all trades” is nice; but what comes after, the “master of none”, was something that I eventually considered a curse. It was only lately that I have come to embrace this as an asset. Continue reading

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I said, I wouldn’t cry.

I am healing. I have made more friends in the last three years than I did in the past decade. I have my reasons for leaving, but I truly wanted to stay because of the friends I have made. Continue reading

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To feel that feeling again (character investment)

There are people that long for the past: for the energy of their youth, their hopes, their dreams. Thankfully enough, at my age, I can say that I don’t want for energy, I never lose hope, and… I don’t have … Continue reading

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Hair: Back to basics

I was one of those kids who drew envy in my schools in Nairobi and Paris, just because I had long, black, straight hair that was both soft and shiny. That was easy because my Mother and Grandmother didn’t like … Continue reading

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