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Shooting stars and space dust

Ashes cannot make her favorite smoked rice cakes. Ashes cannot hold her when she was cold. Ashes cannot murmur, “It’ll be alright, my love…” into her hair when she was in pain… Continue reading

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Signs of Life (Imagining writing spaces)

I find that my writing becomes quite effective when I supplement my inspiration and work with some kind of noise, such as the sound of rain, or some non-intrusive music. Continue reading

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Moonlight calls me home

Last March 31, 2017, during a trip to the Binukbok View Point resort, I got to see moonlight over water for the very first time. As I didn’t have the camera to commemorate the moment, I decided to write some poetry instead. Continue reading

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Close my eyes and leap…

The moment took less than five minutes, but I couldn’t believe how much pressure I had put myself in. I probably spent more energy stressing over the self-inflicted mold I set myself to fit in than actually singing. Continue reading

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Work is Love Made Visible

After 12 years, I found that money, duty, and recognition were not enough to make me stay in a company, and definitely not enough to get me up from bed in the morning. Continue reading

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